"Era" (aka DLT-0.991-v2 ww002 [DD01] Omega) is a septendecuple star system in outer layer of DLT-0.991-v2 ww002 galaxy. It is made up out of hypermassive neutron star and 16 more stars.

Star list

  • Hypermassive Neutron Star: A ginormous neutron star with it's gravity being 5.6 * 1015 G (approx 5.6 quadrillion times stronger than gravity of the Earth). It distorts light around it like a black hole, creating a strange illusion with diameter of 15 AU. It is not yet confirmed to be a neutron star, as it is too heavy for being one.
  • Blue Giant 1. An 230 million years old star.
  • Blue Giant 2. Almost nothing different.
  • White Giant. Star ten times more massive than our Sun.
  • Yellow Supergiant. Set to explode in under 10 million years.
  • Red Hypergiant. Largest object of the system. However, thousand times less massive than core object.
  • 7 Main sequence stars. Red, Red, Yellow, White, Blue, Navy, Red.
  • 4 Unregistered stars. ????


  • Core neutron star of the system is about 56% of the mass of the entire system.
  • Core n.s. luminosity is just ginormous. It would be seen like a sun from the distance of 50 light-years.
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