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"Rodney" is the name given to a huge, rod-like structure found outside of the known cosmos.

Basic Information

Rodney appears to be an extremely long cylinder ( LY long, 100 LY wide) that is gray in color. It gives off huge amounts of gamma rays but it is unknown what it's interior is. All expeditions sent to Rodney have recovered unknown artifacts from it's surface.

The material that makes up Rodney is some copper alloy with traces of second Realm material such as Yetmmud Residue.

Rodney seems to be completely invisible to the naked eye, and can only be seen with special equipment.


Many expeditions have been sent to Rodney. All have uncovered strange objects and gotten valuable information.

First Expedition

The first expedition sent to Rodney was in 1034 OYC. It was conducted by a few extremely powerful civilizations in The Far. There, they found precisely 13 anomalous objects and also discovered Rodney's peculiar habit of attracting Glitchonicite and Sentient Substance like a magnet to magnetised iron.

Second Expedition

The second expedition launched in 2305 OYC was a disaster. The creatures involved in the expedition tried to break inside Rodney. They successfully drilled a hole straight through the thin copper outside. When they got inside of Rodney, some kind of gas came out, melting all materials around it (except for Rodney itself). Only one creature lived to tell the tale, and it was seriously damaged, both mentally and physically. No artifacts were recovered during this expedition.

Third Expedition

The third expedition (in 6504 OYC) wasn't as catastrophic as the second one. This time, over 2806 individual artifacts were recovered. Almost all were brought to the Ontological Museum. The ones that weren't were lost when Rodney was accidentally punctured again, causing severe damage to the creatures' ship. They had to wait a few more weeks before they were rescued.

Fourth Expedition

This expedition is the most recent one, being launched in 8948 OYC. A mysterious radio wave was detected from Rodney's surface. The radio wave seemed to be coming from the inside. Other than that, 370 separate artifacts were found. None of the gas leaked out again during this expedition.

Unknown Artifacts

There have been many artifacts found on Rodney's surface. These objects are completely alien and no creature has yet figured out how they work.

Here are some notable objects:

Number Desc. When found
#1 This object was the first object to be found on Rodney. It appeared to be a small cube of sorts. It had an 8 x 8 grid engraved on it, with small curving lines on specific locations on the cube. Further analysis proved that it was a puzzle of some kind. However, no creature has solved the puzzle, leading many to believe that the puzzle is impossible and was purposely put on Rodney to make creatures think that there is some kind of "secret" if you solve it. 1034 OYC
#29 This object is a small piece of some unknown material. This material appears to be an extremely good conductor, and also stays at a constant temperature of 729 degrees Celsius. No one knows why this happens. 6504 OYC
#97 This object is a 19,203 meter cube with non-euclidean space. Many different objects have been found inside the cube, with an interesting one being a smaller cube with more non-euclidian space on the interior. Further research determined that there was an even smaller cube with non-euclidean space inside the smaller cube. No one knows how long this nested chain of cubes goes on for. 6504 OYC