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If the sky is blue, it is day. When it is day, everything is pretty much safe and indistinguishable from a regular, foggy mountain, other than the size. When it is night in &3, the sky becomes pitch black and the fog turns a black color and creatures called "shadow people" rise from the floor and kill every organism that isn't a shadow person on sight.


There is very little life in this verse other than plants and micro-organisms.


The people of the Obamaverses have attempted to do many expeditions in &3 and most of these have been cut short or scrapped. On almost all expeditions, they find the same stuff: shadow people, rocks, grass, fog, trees, small structures, small abandoned villages and micro organisms which have not yet been researched.


Winds range from a moderate breeze to Neptunian speed winds.


Deadlands are extremely cold (or 0.127% of the time, hot) areas that usually are no larger than 90 kilometers long. These are infested with shadows during the night.