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??? is a verse with many different strange and unknown properties. Since this verse is very hard to see, feel, hear or use any senses, not much is known about it, hence the name.

Normally, it is very stable and does not move at all. However, when just a microscopic thing touches it, it goes unstable and the whole thing moves, since it actually is very very unstable.

It is the only verse in The Great Tesseractagonverse, which is also peculiar.

This verse contains many different unknown shapes. They are suspected to look like question marks. They are the ones that contain many 1st-class verses.

??? is mostly white void, which is white for a very strange reason.

It is white because of the air ejected out of the strange shapes. It is completely oxygen, nitrogen and oganesson, but when put together with this atmosphere in this void and the strangeness, it turns white.


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