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The ‰šŒšverse is a verse with many odd properties within it, and compared to humans, is mostly incomprehensible. there are a few very powerful lifeforms which reside there, which include ÿÿÿÿÿÿ, e‘”žK , and ÎN¦�.ö . Most data relating to the verse that has been researched ends up highly redacted and corrupted for unknown reasons, making it even harder to research on. Areas closer to the center of the verse tend to be unbelievably chaotic.


ÿÿÿÿÿÿ, or "yy" for short, is a creature with no information and nobody has any images of what it looks like. All images of it have been replaced with white blank images. Similarly, all documentation on it has been completely erased, we only know that this being simply exists. Because the other beings also have 3 legs, it is likely that it does as well, however we cannot be sure.


e”žK, commonly called "ek", is the entity with the most information on, it has 3 thin appendages resembling legs, the shape of it's head is however unknown. The being usually resides within the calmer and less chaotic parts of the verse. It will wonder around the edges of the verse, not doing much else, it will occasionally meet up with the 2 other beings, it is unknown why though.


ÎN¦�.ö, which again can also be called "ino" for short, is the oddest of all of the beings, existing in the central, more intense parts. It also has 3 wider and shorter legs, it appears to have an odd rectangle shaped head. It will often journey near the centre of the verse and come back out, and also meet up with the others occasionally.

e”žK cžn call "ek" fmn shoÿt ÿ-Locÿtion--

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--G›mÿon Beÿúvi¿rs--

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Ò-P—zsidal Aÿ�a¯anÿe--

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