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· was one of the most basic "things" to ever be created. Matter made out of this is so hard to understand because it has 0 working properties, not including a property to have 0 properties.

It is nothing more than a point which it's only capability is to be able to exist or not, but it never exists with any energy.


· has paradoxical properties (defined by Xeyon), but blanked out by ○s. It has an abstract property, which is cancelled out by Anti-Concept with a negative property. As a result, it has a net of 0 properties.

· is also the building block of paradoxical objects (due to having 0 properties), as opposed to . (which is the building block of logical objects due to having 1 property)

The Origin of Realities

Literally COUNTLESS numbers of these 'blank' particles spewed out from one point faster than infinity at the instant everything was created, permeating the entire hierarchy, later colliding themselves to nullify the paradoxes of blankness for particles.

They eventually transformed into a slightly more complex particle, the Blueprint Particle, allowing things other than nothingness.

These particles are so primordial that they make up everything (almost...) as far as we can tell.

In Protorealities

All Protorealities start at infinite amount of ·s, all in which transformed into ⬤s instantaneously. Those ·s are the first particles appeared before Protoparticles are completely developed.


When one touches with ·, properties will share with it, destroying a object with paradoxical corruption, and making · the rogue one, which are no good.

Rogue ·s should be disposed into Inanes, which is a safe void for Blueprint Particles, and should be removed by W.E.N.D entities, who is capable of decomposition.

The only entity who is capable of protecting ·s is the Forcers, who can create forcefields on themselves, which propels those particles. Without forcefields, property forces would nullify blank forces, causing · to be obliterated.

However, when · touches another ·, they will form a single , allowing themselves to build up the hierarchy, even obtaining the capability to form subrealities.

Can we go deeper?

Yes! Because ·s yield a net of 0 properties (not having an absolutely 0 properties like Nothing), objects weaker than ·s exist.

One example is the Forcers, who have less power than ·s, and can propel ·s from dangerous situations. Most of themselves are W.E.N.D entities, which make them more powerful than ·s.


  • It is called "·" because nothing would suit it better.
  • It is impossible to have absolutely 0 properties. Without properties, concepts and reactions wouldn't do anything to this particle, because reactions only change values in properties.

See also

Remember, this is not the end! There are infinite more objects to go deeper than ·s.

  • - A fundamental particle with 1 property
  • Xeyon - A fundamental particle that defines a property to a object
  • Blueprint Particle - A fundamental particle that gives properties to a object
  • W.E.N.D - Entities that have less power than ·s, but more powerful than ·s.
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