this verse is very fast. it travels so fast that it is distorted and all its contents make no sense at all.It's faster than the speed of light.


this verse is big because everything it touches is consumed from an atom to the entire universe.


this verse is older than time itself. This verse is nearing the end of its life. In the next C A I OYC , it will slowly shrink until it as well as its contents become so dense they collapse into a black hole. It will be the same size as a Protoverse after its "death".

Every CAI OYC, it shrinks by a few inches in all directions.


this verse is very,very weird. so weird you can't even imagine something close to its weirdness


below absolute zero because logic doesn't exist in ۝




this verse is named this because of how weird it is.


this verse doesnt really have color. its all black and white aside from blue,red and yellowish green.


not habitable dont go here not a good place for a vacation


everything here is completely randomly generated.

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