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The ∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂asdasdverse is where's mom and dad live. There is a lot of wine in this verse, and's mom and dad tend to drink a lot of this wine.

The wine is divided into a lot of white rivers, which go through the verse at random times.

The ∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂∂asdasdverse is divided into two sections, called headings. They are codenamed "f heading" and "Section heading".

f heading

The f heading is the area where the dad lives, and it takes up about half of this verse. It is where the core of the wine river takes place, where the wine comes from a different verse and gets teleported here.

Section heading

The Section heading is the other heading. This one is simply full of a bunch of rivers with brown land between them. This is where the mom lives, and also the entrance to the 27830578235783407823407823452verse.