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🚷custsf is a cosmic entity that doesn't allow things to cross in a Ketabsoverse called KB 79381. It is a bad Ketabsoverse and the only thing different in this Ketab is that something cannot leave or enter that Ketab because of 🚷custsf.

We don't know what the creature looks like, but squares have been knowing that creature exists. Squares think 🚷custsf looks like a KB-79381-Dimensional ring (for example, a hollow sphere is a 3D ring and a hollow circle is a 2D ring) and it is made from atoms the diameter of 5500 ly.


The name of 🚷custsf is a reference to Miner's discord custom status. The name was chosen because the emoji means "no pedestrians", or "no crossing", and you can't cross KB 79381.

3 days after the name was chosen, KB 79381 was named Costsefia, or 🚷verse.

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