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This page details the most important historical events, locations, and artifacts of the (Dead) Aln32d46verse.


The Aln32d46verse was created by the gravitatIonal forces of a Celestial Core.


The first traces of living beings was found on Bordanamir, and most closely resembled fungi.

The only intelligent life that passed the Stone Age were the Candlemen.

The Candlemen were by far the most important species in the Aln32d46verse, and are the main focus of the history. The Candlemen were originally in the Aldanser region of Earnus, and started as hunter-gatherers, like most species.

First Civilization

The oldest known civilization, Poyutatineek, was made so the small group of Candlemen in the Newnenenen region needed to efficiently grow Hweat, a grain that coincidentally resembled wheat.

Universe Structure

The Aln32d46verse is structured with a Celestial Core at the center, with everything else in a ring around it.

  • Celestial core: In the middle of the Aln32d46verse is a Celestial Core, containing Ionarium, Paintailum, Stairnum, and Celestial Clay.
  • Earnus: Earnus, the home of the Candlemen, is a rather unique planet with extremely distinct regions, the regions being Aldanser, Newnenenen, Gredaganog, Palnarn, Locuts, Defrel, and Algastadsanin
  • Aldanser and Newnenenen: The most “normal” regions and the birthplace of the Candlemen, Newnenenen is a plain surrounded by Aldanser, a dense forest.
  • Gredaganog: Gredaganog is an extremely hot swamp area with the water boiling on the hottest days.
  • Palnarn: Palnarn is a mountainous icy wasteland on Earnus, however it is somehow extremely densely populated.
  • Locuts: Locuts is an filled with biting insects and thorny plants, with an extremely deep lake at the center.
  • Defrel: Defrel is a desert area, with no water contained anywhere, however, strangely, it’s constantly at room temperature.
  • Algastadsanin: By far the strangest, perhaps caused by it’s containment of Paintalum. Algastadsanin is a clutter of all the other areas, with 6 towering landmasses surrounded by a black substance, containing a pure piece of the other biomes of the areas.
  • The Cog: The Aln32d46verse contains an Omniversal Cog known as The Cog. It is the first discovered Cog by Mortals, however they didn't know of it's power.