, 9 (also called Commanine) is a type of verse that exists in nearly every reality somewhere. It is the main source of unbreakable material, and the place where most cosmic entities are generated.

Structure and Material

, 9 has no material, but it has matter. However, it still isn't even made from abstract material, proven by ╲╳╳︱︱╱╲╲╲╳. This means that , 9 is made of pure matter, instead of abstract matter.

Difference between abstract material and pure matter

While abstract material and pure matter are very similar, pure matter still retains the fundamental laws of matter while abstract material disregards that and is the most neutral substance possible.

The middle of , 9 is a replica of .`;,```;,``;.,`.`;.`,`.`,;.`,`,.`;.,`.;,`, which has the same properties as one, but where "existence" is instead the , 9. This object allows the , 9 to stay stable under any amount of pressure, due to the .`;,```;,``;.,`.`;.`,`.`,;.`,`,.`;.,`.;,` replica's near-infinite gravity.

Cosmic Entity Generator


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