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.( is a huge, sentient(?) verse that almost always expresses depression and sadness through using its

sentience, by shedding "tears" and making very human-like crying noises. The verse has only been reached a few times.

How to enter

You have to enter by going to a specific location across the entire cosmos. The location resets every 10 OYC, and usually the opening/portal to .( is quite small and easy to miss. However, that has not stopped a few creatures who actually got inside .(.

For all the creatures who made it inside, they got transported to a small, brightly lit room, where they were given 100 years to think about where they were are and why. Many of the creatures went insane before they got out though. The ones that did remain sane (usually the gods) were taken to a huge chamber-like structure, where .( will let the creature think about what to give it, through a small opening on the ground. .( always seems to know what language the creature is speaking, no matter where it's from.

Possible Outcomes

Once the object is dropped inside the hole, .( will examine it for a short while.

If .( does not like the gift given (which is 99.7% of the time), it will violently rip the gift apart using some sort of energy and proceed to kill the creature in the chamber. During this, .( will shed a huge number of "tears" (which are actually composed of Toxicium) and make crying noises.

However, if .( does like the gift (which is 0.02% of the time), it will show a smiley face, and give the creature the object back and let the creature go. It is still unknown why .( gives the object back if it liked it so much.

If .( is not interested in the gift (which is 0.01% of the time), it will throw it away into some huge dump and give the creature a random object from the dump. Most of the time, the object is either some random metal parts or small rocks. However, on one rare occasion, the creature got a small cube of Sentient Substance. The substance is now in the Ontological Museum, and is being studied.

A Few Encounters with .(

Date Number Desc. Outcome
12 OYC #1 This encounter was the first one. The creature, from a small Cetaverse, found the portal in a Brox and decided to go into it. It got trapped, and almost became insane. The item that the creature gave .( was a small keychain it had upon discovering the portal. .( was not pleased, and killed the creature. The portal soon vanished. Not Pleased
1030 OYC #2 This was the 2nd time any creature found a portal to .(. It was a Cosmic King. The thing given was a small bit of Omega Porcelain from The Bowl. .( was not pleased, and before killing the Cosmic King, said in the Cosmic King's native language, "Ampersand Parenthesis." No one has deciphered the meaning of those vague words yet. Not Pleased
5041 OYC #3 This time, the creature that found the portal was actually looking for it. It had heard about the creatures that perished, and wanted to see what was actually there. It brought a stack of Glitchonicite and found the portal after 500 billion years. This portal was the biggest out of all the encounters, and was an entire galaxy wide. .( wasn't interested with the Glitchonicite, and gave the creature a small, green-tinted stone. The material that the stone was made out of is still unknown to this day. Not interested
5326 OYC #4 A small entity found the portal and entered it out of curiosity. It was trapped for 100 years and stayed sane, the entity was a collector, that wanted to collect all the rare substances in the cosmos. It figured that .( wanted something, so the entity gave .( a piece of the material that makes up TCR. .( wasn't interested, so the small entity got a cube of Sentient Substance. Scientists found the small entity and were looking for a substance called "Sentient Substance". Luckily, the entity had the sentient substance and handed it over to them. The entity then went on another hunt for the material that makes up TCR and sentient substance. Not interested