This verse is constantly changing in temperature, shape and composition. For example: one second it might be -38 degrees C°, the next it's 142 nonillion C°.

This verse's dimensionality was chosen by nonexistent redditors.

Life in this vers!!!!111

Most life in this verse is basic but some life in this verse is eukaryotic and sometimes these eukaryotes become intelligent and take over large amounts of this verse.

The only way they can do this is with uncountably infinite time.


Fishe is a massive creature living in the center of this verse and looks exactly like a fish. It changes color rapidly and is also omnipotent.

Bomb rain

Every 10{53}73 OYC, bombs suddenly rain from the sky. There is no cause for bomb rain, it just happens. Every time bombs fall they destroy exactly 0.31% of verses in this verse. The verses are auto-restored in 180 seconds (3 minutes) (0.05 hours)

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