The 1234567890verse is a verse that is full of one of every number, It is divided into ten sections, each one with a different history.

Section 1 was the first section to exist, and it was created when a man wanted to create an artificial verse but failed, and it made a small part of one instead.

The next sections, 2, 3, 4 and 5, came in from attacks. The second one was especially deadly, but their only choice to defend from these attacks were to build more verse, because that was all they had available.

Section 6 is made of rocks, and that is because there was a landslide from a nearby verse. This landslide part was 100 meters across, which was super large, and when it fell, it was a huge pile of land with nothing of use. The person who first created the 1234567890verse decided to take it with everyone watching, and then put it next to the 1234567890verse.

Sections 7 and 8 were gotten at the same time. There was some dye on sale so someone got some red and blue dye, but she spilled it on some bacteria near the 1234567890. This bacteria grew to the size of 200 meters, then completely disappeared. The dye, however, stayed in its position, which had two sections of red and blue. This created more sections for the 1234567890verse.

Section 9 was from a gas leak. The gas leak here became cold and created the verse here. However, this part was strange, since it also attracted more gas due to how cold it was, so this verse actually solved the gas leak, so now it is full of gas.

Section 10, the final section, is the most recent section out of them so far. It was created when some lightning struck section 9, which shocked it, and split it into two sections, each the same size as the original because, well, its a gas. The 10th section is now yellow, due to the lightning. When this section was created, it was difficult to rename this verse, but instead of calling it 12345678910verse, they decided to call it 1234567890verse.

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