This verse is a verse similar to our own universe, but everything ever is in quantities of 12. Even the size is repeating 12's together.

This verse is only one of them in the 12 complex, where there is our entire Cetaverse but in quantities of 12.


The structure is exactly the same as our own universe, but there are 12 of everything. Meaning there are only 12 superclusters separated by 12 voids, each having 12 galaxies each having 12 solar systems with 12 planets. Everything is in quantities of 12.


The appearance is simply an orange sphere. This is not a quantity of 12, but this is the outside of the verse, not the inside, so it doesn't follow the laws on this verse. It is orange because all the 12's cause a chemical reaction which makes this orange and also edible like an orange.

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