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The 2V2 PRO SPIFEY FORTNITE WTH FAKEverse is a very large verse that orbits around the 1V1 NOOB SKEPPY MINECRAFT OMG NOT FAKEverse. This verse is considered to be the exact opposite of the 1V1 NOOB SKEPPY MINECRAFT OMG NOT FAKEverse, since every aspect of it is reversed. All of its atoms are in all of its dimensions but one, so if you look at this verse as a three dimensional being, you will see the entire verse but not three of the atoms.

The milky strings

This verse has lots of strings that connect from one side to the other, giving this verse a unique look from the inside. These strings are not made of milk, but they were named that way because they look like milk.

The great brown storm

In one part of this verse, there is a really huge brown storm that is 1/10,000 the size of this verse. This part spins incredibly fast, and is made entirely out of dust. This is one of the things that makes this verse special.

The core

The core of this verse is a basketball instead of a ping pong ball. It is a normal basketball you would find in your father's garage.

The spaceships

There is a planet in this verse that generates spaceships. These ships travel at the speed of light in diamond, meaning they aren't that fast for an interversal spaceship.

List of people who hate this verse

  • Niwrad
  • Snasdiov
  • Fovj
  • Vred
  • Moorkcab
  • Suxen

List of people who love this verse

  • VoidSansXD