The thing this article is about; the 3RR0RV3RS3

This odd type of verse is very glitchy, warping into other Macroboxes every few days. Every now and then, a planet will warp to a regular universe, where the history of the universe is modified as if the planet was always there. Glitch Planets and stars make up 10% of this verse's planets and stars, with those being the ones that warp elsewhere. However to counteract this, many glitch planets and stars form incredibly quickly, in some cases in under a century, as the core of this place is a white hole taking in matter from many black holes across all of reality. People here are fine, but sometimes glitch out and say something very uncharacteristic.

This verse was named by '90s teens in an alternate universe where culture had not become different since the end of the cold war but technology kept advancing.

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