All dimensions Wiki

Welcome to the All dimensions Wiki!

Before getting into editing, you must make sure your edits adhere to the wiki's basic rules. These are not limiting rules, but ones that ensure no anarchy, chaos and vandalism occurs.

These guidelines are enforced by the whole community and are widely agreed upon. Failure to abide by them will usually first either result in a warning(s), then a ban, or if its page related, a warning + page blog. The ban length depends on severity of damage.


1. Follow the Fandom guidelines. This is really important. It includes obvious things about behaving nice to other people and not posting NSFW content, as well as some other general things that every wiki must abide by.

  • Don't be rude to others unprovoked, have common decency
  • Respect people's privacy
  • Don't engage in illegal activities
  • Don't post hate speech
  • No impersonation
  • Don't spam (making a lot of edits is fine, as long as they follow the rules)
  • Don't post NSFW

2. Put effort into your pages. We don't want two sentence, boring pages that are of no value to this wiki. We don't want chained pages that are just an infobox and nothing else. Add some essential info, don't be repetitive and make sure your article is at least in some way presentable and fine in quality.Essentially, write articles you would want others to write and you wouldn't mind reading from other users in large quantities.

3. Format your pages correctly and follow basic logic. This one is more of a piece of advice rather than a rule. Put an infobox (except if its a number) and try to not make up fictional units without defining them. Don't use conflicting information, unless specifically meant otherwise. Make sure the containing body is larger, has a greater or equal dimensionality of the thing it contains, and the object your thing contains is smaller. Bellow is a list of some things to avoid doing:

  • Using all lowercase letters when linking to an article, in the beginning of a sentence or in titles
  • Writing long numbers in full
    • instead of 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
    • instead of 0.00000000000000001
  • Misusing mathematical notation. Examples:
    • instead of
    • Failed to parse (syntax error): {\displaystyle \\alpha}
    • $ you don't use dollar signs $
    • <math> be careful of <nowiki>-s </math>
  • Writing a block of text and not using paragraphs
  • Positioning an infobox randomly in the page
    • Positioning a paragraph at the very top of an article and titles is preferable
  • Leaving large gaps of space in between text column (may randomly pop up during edits)
  • Adding random, useless and incorrect categories
  • Capitalize nouns (objects), pronouns (I, you, they...), adjectives (attributes), verbs (activity), adverbs (modification of a verb), and subordinate conjunctions (after, as, if...) your page names correctly
    • The Universe instead of The universe or The Universe. (titles aren't sentences, dont use . ? !)
  • Lowercase articles (a, an, the...), coordinating conjunctions (and, but, or...), and prepositions (in, at, on...)

4. Be original. Sure, you can make pages like these, but try to just be original with your concepts. We believe the pages on this wiki should be at least somewhat enjoyable to read. Boringness is not punishable by anything, but will be frowned upon if done excessively. This rule also obviously includes copy pasted articles from other websites, which is the pinnacle of unoriginality, and also ties in with rule 2. Also, nobody will care about your "contains everything" or "grows larger than the thing it's contained by" page. It's been done to death and it's literally impossible. End-all-be-alls are not allowed on AD

5. Don't vandalize. You're not funny when you do this and it's very annoying for the people who have to constantly undo your edits, delete spam categories, rollback garbage and deleted pages. If you aren't sure as to whether an edit you want to make is considered vandalism or not, ask another experienced user (i.e. mods). If the edit you're making actually makes sense and follows all rules, it is mostly likely fine.

6. Stay on topic. This wiki was first only about dimensions, verses and geometry, now, we have cosmic entities, structures, numbers, cosmologies, civilizations, and anything that is to us trans-universal. However, it would be a crime to not include the primates to all of these creations, our universe's cosmology of the solar system, superclusters, galaxies and all. Non-fictional, but cosmologically related. What we don't want, are non-fictional sub-asteroid phenomena / objects and anything from the internet, including the SCP ones. However, particles and atoms, as well as some molecules are allowed, as they are the building blocks of our universe. Remember. This is not an everything wiki, this is a recreational cosmology wiki.

7. Don't edit other people's cosmology. Adding an extension to a chain is fine (unless the owner of the page you're editing doesn't allow for it). However, directly affecting the chain by breaking and diverging it is simply vandalism. So is changing the size, dimensionality or some other finer details (unless these fine details are ill-defined, contradictory, or have other obvious issues). Refer to rule 5, this can really badly affect a page and create paradoxes and inconsistencies, especially if it's tied in with many other pages.

8. Don't spam. Spamming, basically anything, except edits and uploading files, is not allowed on AD. Examples include: spamming categories (messy, unnecessary, unfairly boosts points), spamming somebody's message wall (especially annoying), spamming on the discord server (annoying, against the rules), spam-creating pages (discouraged unless the pages are good, effortless pages will all get removed eventually).

9. Don't delete pages of significance or popularity, without consent from the makers / other users. This one is a rule to the moderation team. Some pages may seem like they should be deleted, but remember, that not every bad page is of no importance. If it obvious, that the page can be deleted and should be, without consequences, delete it. If it is the only (or one of a few) bad one in a chain, or is heavily linked to, or has a lot of interaction, make sure others (also including the owner, if you can ask them) agree to delete it. The decision should be unanimous.

Things you CAN do!

Have fun and be creative! Be respectful towards your fellow and you will get the same in return. We welcome anyone to come here and spread their creations. Since this wiki is fairly small, you will be noticed by everyone quickly and if you follow the rules, are willing to improve, and don't come with malevolent intent, you will be respected and integrated into this small "family" of ours.

You are allowed to make mistakes, everyone does, but recognizing them and fixing them is what sets apart the dedicated and the uninterested.

You can join and contact us at our discord server, where Leftunknown, MinersHavenM43, YellowMarkers1, ICantEdit, Chalkosis, 08dravennew and much more are active here daily, including multiple V&D members!