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About AJN's Number

AJN's Number is a prediction about how many AJN-Verses there are. By the way is is kinda like a jan misali (or how you spell it) video so yea.

Part 1: Age of AJN-Verses

AJN-Verses that are around today are estimated to be around 13 trillion years old. Each extinct generation was around 1.9x the amount the current generation is, meaning...

  • 1 generation before: 2.47 trillion
  • 2 generations before: 4.69 trillion

Because of this, AJN-Verses are estimated to be years old. The original size formula is AJN-Verse Type 1=1 yoctometre, and it being bigger would slowly destroy others due to lack of space.

Part 2: How many atoms are there?

There are around to atoms in the Universe.

There are around universes in the Multiverse, let's say it's the same for Multiverses in a Megaverse, etc.

That means there are around to times atoms, meaning there are at least to times AJN-Verses, because each AJN-Verse Type 1 contains at least 1 atom.

Part 3: Final estimation

Because they take up Petaverses, the final estimation is around , thought there is probably inaccuracies.