About the AJN-Verse Type 1

The Type 1 is the most simplistic type of AJN-Verse. They can be found at near other Teraverses. They are mostly made of the atoms that form air. Most inhabitants of where the Type 1s are are pufferfish, cats, and blue humanoids.

How to find them (If you're reading this from the future, read through carefully.)

  1. Find any device that can send you to a nearby Teraverse.
  2. One you get there, the air may cause amnesia. To prevent this, you will need Ne24O4W3He4. The air will contact with it and make a cure to amnesia.
  3. If you ever forget anything, drink the cure or it will exponentially get worse.
  4. You'll need spare neon and some plutonium. Mix both together to make a chemical that can reveal it.
  5. Wait. If the air looks more blue, you're in a correct Teraverse. if not, you've went to a diffrent one. If it is blue, continue. If not, you need to go to a different one and repeat.
  6. All you need left is a microscope.
  7. Bring out a vacuum jar. They will go right in. Immediately seal it.
  8. Once you're back, it has cloning abilities. Let it out, than everyone in the universe will never need a cure for anything ever again. Everyone is perfect, and everyone is immortal.
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