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About AJN-Verse Type 2

Type 2 AJN-Verses are more abundant than Type 1s, because some don't contain Type 1s. They are located somewhere between Antiverses and Binumberverses. They were discovered a few weeks before Type 1s, though the date is still unknown because they were marked down in lost journals by scientists, one having the initials AJN. They are popular with the blue humanoids, that take them from the location. They are also used for treats for the cats, though are deadly for people with a lack of calcium.

Part of how to find them.

Path One.

  1. Go to other teraverses.
  2. If you see green cats, the area will most likely have them.
  3. Find a merchant.
  4. Purchase them for around 25 cents per verse.

Path Two:

  1. After finding the location, use a mix of Unobtanium/Ogganesson, Iodine, and Chlorine.
  1. After activating it, use anything that can carry stuff.

After the journey:

  1. Sell as cat treats.
  2. They have chemicals that make cats literally tell you to give them more.
  3. They hypnotise everyone they see.
  4. Profit, alot.