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AJN-Verse Type 4 (It's Finally Out!) is a very strange verse. It has around L⊙ (Sun luminosity.

Contact for around 10 minutes can cause burns. With gloves, it's around 45 minutes.

If Gallium is poured on it, without gloves it's 20, and with it's 3 hours.

When AJN had contact, he became blind.

After that, he did get burned and slowly died, but that wasn't the end of exploration for more.

How to find

  1. Around Megaverses in the 2500 and 4000 group, they can be found.
  2. Put on gloves and grab Gallium.
  3. Pour Gallium on slowly.
  4. Grab and throw on the ship or whatever.

5. Along with AJN-Verse Type 3, these can be used to make nuclear weapons.


Pufferfish around the megaverses (Around 5 KM big) can travel at 1 MPS to Light speed. The pufferfish will not attack, but can hurt apon touch.

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