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ALPHA is contained by BETA ,OMEGA, Alpha Hub, and Finale. it contains the The Other Box.

ALPHA is a giant sphere, bounded by an invisible layer. In its insides, are an infinite amount of chaos particles, ranging in side anywhere from a couple millimeters, all the way to a third of ALPHA itself.

ALPHA particles have no surface tension, mass or gravity to them. All of the particles jitter at insane speeds inside of the ALPHA and push around objects in brownian motions.

The Other Box, which was originally contained in the geometric center, has been pushed around in a brownian walk for many, many OYCs, and has been getting closer and closer to the barrier of the ALPHA. It is unknown what will happen then, when it hits itself against the edge, but the two leading theories are those which state, that it will either bounce off like any other chaos particles, or simply pass through, into the OMEGA.

It is important to know this, as The Box is contained inside of The Other Box, and any threats posed to it must be evaluated and instantly acted upon to be prevented.

Bigger Alpha thing