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⌬Info about ATSL strings

Size: ATU[1]

Class: - ∅ Protoclass (0) ∅ -

Contains: Thingk

ATSL elementary particles ATSL stringsATSL uqraek fiber

ATSL strings are WAY more fragile than every single ATSL elementary particles[2]. They are raveled up in a skinny bundle in order to increase stability, but this does limit the string's vibration somewhat, reducing the number of possible particles. As a result of this, the only particles ATSL elementary particles can produce are absolutely tiny electrons, up quarks, and down quarks.

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Strings are tiny, tiny strips of energy purely kept by the shield created on their own: ATSL elementary particles. that "shield" is the only thing interacting with an outside world and anything inside it cannot affect anything of the outside world. Except affecting strings at the middle of that "shield" particle.

Since ATSL elementary particles can be filled with a lot of energy[3] before exploding into horrible explosions capable of destroying nearby verses, a gigantic amount of energy is accumulated inside particles. the energy concentrates at the border of elementary particles, and kind of builds a little "ocean" of energy below the particle's boundary.

This ocean is not a normal, liquid ocean with mass, but it is a dangerous one built from crazy energy particles keeping their positions due to truly insane centrifugal force. However, this fragile ocean gets deeper each time ATSL elementary particle absorbs energy. when the ocean gets deep enough to reach the center string...

⌬ATSL String can do anything!

...Of course, absolutely, purely theoretically. The vibration of the ring is almost as almighty as shaggy, able to produce anything according to its vibration. From the nonexistent existing particles to post-box objects, given the right vibration, ATSL strings can excite space to any shape.

Oh, and the limit of objects ATSL strings is not necessarily objects; it can form imaginary concepts such as space with different rules than others! And remember... all of those can be done with a single fragile stripe of energy, that breaks in a single touch[4][5][6].

A short explanation about LNB versility index because I will be using it few times. Click this to see description and chart about it ↗[7]

  • Vibration speed: Strings vibrating at this rate (per 1 OYC) are pretty much completely useless ones[8]. Even particles with vibration rate of is just an atom-sized ATSL elementary particles. Really impressive for research topic, but for stock market, it is same as garbage[9].
  • Vibration speed: At least, particles vibrating at little more WTF speed are useful than previous ones. ATSL strings with vibration rate of can form a region with LNB of ; the Fuzzy area[10]. Property of Fuzzy area lets anything pass through it, and usual physics rule among all ATSL-string-formed Fuzzy area is that anything entering it is (approximately) half-converted to energy. So, if you have one very small ATSL-string-formed Fuzzy area inside icosahedron fish bowl at your home, and you are not afraid to throw a chair into it... (~)~ ·͙*̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩̥͙ OOOOOOOH!!!!PARTY TIME!!!! *̩̩̥͙˚̩̥̩̥*̩̩͙‧͙ (~)~
  • Vibration speed:

Vibration energy of ATSL string here is enough to stretch it into trillions of trillions of miles kilometres absolute omniversal unit[11]. This gives ATSL strings ability to form perfect verses, with LNB of . How to distinguish string-formed verses from normal ones? ah, it is simple: center regions of those verses are gigantic versions of ATSL elementary particles.

  • Vibration speed:

Not really different from previous vibration range, just a lot, A LOT, A LOT more extreme factors added to verse as activeness of core string passes certain point[12].

  • Vibration speed:

Forces generated by vibration is now capable of forming verse with even its border interacting with outside world: Structures[13]! Everything are same as level of ATSL string, but this time, vibration energy is just too large for verse to withstand[14], so it starts to crumble away after small amount of time passes after initial formation, eventually, slowly disassembled verse looses all of its inner material, until core string explodes into pure beauty.

  • Vibration speed:

The string slowly expands, and its influence is no longer observable. At , ATSL string completely disintegrates. However, it does not disintegrate quietly. when insanely energetic string breaks, so does the everything inside its influential region.



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Possibly smallest hierarchy where super tiny particles elegantly float through it

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⌬Absolutely Tinier Particles⌬
Thingk - Mandelsok - .: - Periodk

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Main Chain

Protoverse -> Uqraek fiber -> String -> Quark -> Proton -> Atom -> Star -> Galaxy

  1. One ATU (Absolutely tiny unit) is Heck diameters
  2. well this is ATSL strings' creations
  3. Actually a lot more than that
  4. And also remember, most of useful things ATSL string can produce requires vibration speed beyond infinity, meaning you almost need to grind whole cetaverse, or unusually energetic box, or even Probabilistic The Box Supercluster to produce something really useful out of ATSL string.
  5. Also ALSO remember that ATSL strings are more fragile than how much you think it is
  6. oh yeah the perfect lie marketing lol
  7. LNB chart.PNG
    (n(1 or 0, 1 means "yes" and 0 is opposite),n,n)=(has physics laws, has nature, has boundary)
  8. Possibly harming, because particle made from ATSL strings are insanely dangerous space-mines.
  9. These huge ATSL elementary particles are formed by vibrating string expanding to radius imcomparable to normal cousins of itself. And they tend to explode easily, so we won't have any time to research it anyway, before our universe explodes with infinite energy.
  10. Reminder: Fuzzy area is a region in space with only physics rule, without verse border or any objects.
  11. yes, the right choice
  12. such as activeness, average&total energy level, density of inner objects, brightness, ... , ... , ....
  13. unique space without a border: Fuzzy area... like said above / LNB: (1,0,0) unique space with a border: verse / LNB: (1,1,1) unique space with a border interacting with world: Structures / LNB: (1,1,2)
  14. verses formed from ATSL strings have unusually thin border, and it works just fine below this size.