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This online book is primarily directed towards beginners to verse exploration. Some basic topics that will be discussed in this book are:

  • Finding your type of verse
  • Going at very fast speeds and acquiring infinite energy
  • Leaving your current verse
  • Meeting other entities and species
  • Finding and changing your Existence Rank and moving at infinite speeds
  • Mapping where your home verse is located

as well as many others. Although this is not directed to experienced explorers, contributing to the book is welcomed if important information has not been included.

How you can contribute

Currently, there are a few things that need to be worked on:

  • All chapters: Adding images and/or diagrams when necessary.
  • Chapter 1: More information on the properties of atypical verses.
  • Chapter 2a: Is being planned, do not work on yet.
  • Chapter 2b: Can be worked on if information is known.
  • Chapter 2c: Will be added once Chapter 1 task is done
  • Chapter 3 and onward: The previous chapters should probably be worked on first.

Chapter 1: Finding your type of verse

When exploring verses, there are many places where species can start. This is usually the most difficult part of verse exploration, due to the sheer number of different types of verses and also the different laws found inside.

But I know what kind of verse I'm in!

That's great, but when this book talks about a verse type, or category, we mean that each type is different enough in visuals or laws that a separate guide is required to

  1. Acquire infinite / very large amounts of energy.
  2. Leave your current verse.
  3. Prepare and identify what is outside your verse.

After doing these three things, verse exploration becomes much easier. There are a few categories of verses, although there are still always some exceptions:

Lawless Verse

All known verses that did not begin with laws have not had life develop[1], so escaping this kind of verse will not be mentioned.

Decay Verse

A verse where nearly all particles decay immediately. Escaping this verse will also not be mentioned.


About 99.87% of all discovered (non-lawless and non-decay) verses are protoverse-based, meaning that at some point down the chain of small particles of which the verse is built, the Protoverse is one of them. Some examples are the Universe and the Multiverse. Any verse containing protons, neutrons, electrons, and by extention atoms is also a Protoverse-based verse.

Most of these kinds of verses have gravity as a weak, large-scale attractive force (based on mass), but if your species has discovered Protoverses inside the verse you are currently in, you are in the Protoverse-based category.


About 0.12% of the rest of the verses are blueprint-based, where Blueprint Particles are found at some point down the chain, but not the Protoverse. If at all possible, constructing a Protoverse is recommended if it is stable in your verse. Finding a Heck, a Verseuni, or anything they contain but not a Protoverse means that your verse is likely Blueprint-based.

Some signs of Blueprint-based verses that are not found in Protoverse-based verses are a strong repelling force between very dark objects (usually objects that absorb light, like black holes).

Atypical Verses

A very small fraction of discovered verses (less than 0.01%) are classified as atypical, and usually have completely different laws and particles to that of any other verse, and are usually unique in each. Currently, research is being done to try and find patterns between these verses. Until then, there will not be details on how to escape these kinds of verses.

Chapter 2a: Infinite Energy - Protoverse-based


Chapter 2b: Infinite Energy - Blueprint-based


  1. Many species have arrived in or even colonized lawless verses, although life has not originated in such a verse.