A Hole is simply a massive hole in space. The deeper you go, the more messed up things get.

A Hole has a uncountably infinite amount of layers, with each layer having a specific object or phenomenon in it. A Hole is extremely similar to P i t . and The Apheghaza.

Here are the first 26 layers.

Layer Desc. Depth
#1 This layer has nothing in it. You just keep falling deeper. 0 LY
#2 This layer has many "comets" and "stars" of sorts. 100 LY
#3 This layer is another layer of void. 10^100 LY
#4 This layer has strange structures of sorts; they don't seem to have anything in them. 1 centillion LY
#5 This layer has small black holes. They don't seem to have any gravitational pull at all. 10 centillion LY
#6 This layer shows signs of tears in small negative-sized particles. 108 centillion LY
#7 There is an unusually large amount of Glitchonicite in this layer, at 0.003 nanograms per cubic LY. 583 centillion LY
#8 This layer has microscopic tears in space-time. These tears will slowly increase the further you go down this layer. 793 centillion LY
#9 This layer is another void. 1,000,000! LY
#10 This layer has huge rips in space-time everywhere. They can mess up time, making traveling down this layer extra hard. 1,000,000,000! LY
#11 There are strange creatures everywhere. Glitchonicite amounts have increased, at 0.07 nanograms per cubic LY. 1 trillion! LY
#12 This layer is a bunch of nested pure Glitchonicite verses. This is where it gets dangerous. 666,666,666,666,666! LY
#13 Once again, there are strange creatures. This time, they are hostile and will do anything to stop you from venturing deeper. 10 sextillion! LY
#14 There are huge space rocks of unknown composition. They float around randomly. The Glitchonicite has increased again, now at 1 nanogram per cubic LY. 10 septillion! LY
#15 This layer is filled completely with Glitchonicite. This layer is one of the most dangerous layers in A Hole. 100 septillion! LY
#16 This is just another void layer. 1 octillion! LY
#17 This layer is filled with glitching matter and Glitchonicite has increased again, now at 10 milligrams per cubic LY. 10 octillion! LY
#18 This layer is filled with hostile Omni-gods. This layer is one of the most dangerous layers. 100 octillion! LY
#19 This layer is another void. 89 nonillion! LY
#20 This layer has huge objects of unknown composition, Glitchonicite levels have increased by a ton, now at 990 kilograms per cubic LY.

797 nonillion! LY

#21 It is a giant almost-void. Sometimes, glitchy objects fly in, glitching spacetime to the point where wormholes form. Sometimes, more than 2 wormholes can be connected, and in combination with the fact that there are dangerous gods here, you are not safe. In short, this is the combination of all layers #1-#20. {10,10,10} LY
#22 This is the opposite of layer 21.  Almost no wormholes form, and if they do, then they connect to themself, causing you to get stuck in them. This layer is actually a giant planet, and it is pretty peaceful here. {80,40,20} LY
#23 This layer is extremely hot. Strangely enough, touching it doesn't kill you, but instead, turns you into a rock that gets added to Layer 22. {{80,80,80},40^40,20} LY
#24 This layer has the strange property that everything in it gets deleted, and the forces within their strings within their particles are amplified. This is where Layer 23 gets the fuel. {10,10,10,10,10} LY
#25 This layer is completely filled with a viscous liquid. This liquid is very hard to get across, and has gotten many creatures stuck here for eternity. [10, 100, 100] (BAF) LY
#26 This layer has many huge "pencils" floating around in it. The pencils do not do anything, and are just there for some reason. [100, 100, 100] (BAF)
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