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"A few weird verses" are exactly 3 small verses with hundreds of strange objects in them; for example Object 172, a verse with 172 "ice cubes" that cannot be melted or destroyed. These verses are all 100 LY wide, and are always spherical.

Object 172

Object 172 is simply a verse that contains exactly 172 small cubes.


Object 172 was discovered in 1802 OYC by a few gods traveling across the Omniverse. They found Object 172 in the far corners of the Omniverse, and decided to go inside to see what was in there. They found exactly 172 cubes that resembled ice cubes of some sort floating around in Object 172, and brought them back to the Ontological Museum to be studied.

The Cubes

Many tests showed that the cubes could not be melted or destroyed at all, and even a googolplex degrees didn't even form a small puddle at the bottom.

However, the cubes were also shown to be 100% water, which couldn't be possible since they would've long since melted into a puddle of water when exposed to such high temperatures. To this day, none of the cubes have been destroyed at all.


Object 172 also has some microorganisms in it. However, this life is very primitive, and does not seem to be able to communicate with outside life.

It is also unknown what the life eats, and if it even needs to eat at all.

Object 927

Object 927 is a verse with 927 spheres in it.


Object 927 was discovered by a handful of explorers in between 2 huge verses, The Hugghiguyughiyuguhi and another very radioactive verse.

The explorers found a huge collection of small spheres at the center of Object 927. The spheres were collected together in a form of sphere packing. The explorers didn't know what to do with the weird spheres, so they just took them and made a run for it.

The last remaining spheres not taken were again brought to the Ontological Museum for further study.

The Spheres

The spheres in Object 927 were found to just be made out of styrofoam. Many of the spheres also appeared to have some markings on them; mostly checkmarks and crosses. These spheres, unlike the cubes in Object 127, could be easily destroyed, but when destroyed, an extremely loud whirring sound can be heard from an unknown location.

Object 927 also has no life.

Object 625

Object 625 is the last of the verses in the collection, and has 625 cylinders in it.


Object 625 was discovered near our local Multiverse by a powerful Type 6 civilization. A few of their Instant Travel Ships entered Object 625 expecting to see some stars, galaxies, planets, black holes, and superclusters, but all they saw were hundreds of cylinders.

The cylinders

The civilization was very confused, and sent more ships to investigate the strange cylinders. Further analysis proved that the cylinders were made out of metal. Each cylinder somehow was sentient, and all hated to be kept by powerful creatures.

They started a rebellion against the Type 6 civilization, but it got put down after 2 minutes. No cylinders were harmed.