Aarex's polytope naming system

Aarex's polytope naming system is the system that names any number of polytope dimensions. This system was defined by Googleaarex.


To name polytopes, let define x as number of polytope dimensions. Then follow the steps:

  1. If x = 0, then 0D polytope can named as Polyoint.
  2. If x = 1, then 1D polytope can named as Polylinon.
  3. If x = 2, then 2D polytope can named as Polysquron.
  4. If x = 3, then 3D polytope can named as Polycubon.
  5. If x > 3, then follows the steps:
    1. You need to look for named x-dimensional hypercube.
    2. Replace the 'act' to 'on' on the end.
    3. Then put 'Poly' on the beginning.


The 0D polytope is named as Polyoint.

The 1D polytope called Polylinon.

2D Polytope can be named as Polysquaron.

The 3D polytope is called Polycubon.

4D Polytope is Polytesseron.

5D is Polypenteron.

And we name higher ones.

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