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The way it contains its information (Transcendent Omniverses (TO)) Is rather strange, as there are shapes floating around in the void of different dimensionalities and sides, which help determine how it contains its information. These polygonal sub-structures contain more and are larger based on dimensionality, and density based on sides. These make up the lowest foundations of this place, eventually deteriorating as you move out from the golden circle.

Each 4D shape is infinitely larger then its 3D counterpart, with all shapes of a given dimensionality being roughly the same size. The lowest dimension shape currently found is 3, and it was a dodecahedron for some reason. The way that the sides work is that it determines the density of the shape and how many TOs it holds for its size. Hyperspheres are very dense, only having at most a Box's length between TOs. Hypercube structures are the least dense, having about 10 TO's space between each.

This is the most complex containment procedure of the structure, only having been found within the cold circle at the center of each Absolute Relativity. Other structures have different methods, however, past the white pentagon, it deteriorates into random stars and solar systems with occasional TOs to be seen. This is why thi structure has planets with life, by the way.

The absolute relativity is a connection of every Transcendent Omniverse and the limit to all physical contact for most species, thus making it a very hard-to-pass barrier. The methods it uses are STILL being studied to this day by top-notch scientists.

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