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⌬Absolutely Tiny Particles⌬

The Absolutely tiny Particles are a chain of majorly scaled down particles in Class 0. Measuring scale, ATU (Absolutely Tiny Unit), is equal to Heck diameters. In other words, size of particles start at straight down infinitesimal scale.

Also, ATSL (Absolutely Tiny Scale Level) is to differentiate some particles from their homonym[1].

And here is the chain:

Particle Size[2][3][4][5] Description
Atom (ATSL) 1

⌬Particle info

These atoms act like Repulsivematter. They repel practically every single thing that gets close to it. That means no force can push it, and the Absolutely tiny atoms aren't affected by gravity, radiation, or any particle at all.

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Subatomic particle (ATSL)

⌬Particle info

ATSL Subatomic Particles are various kinds of small and fragile particles forming from collapses of protoverses. They are little tiny dangerous specs of dust that sometimes explode and damage nearby space.

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Elementary particle (ATSL)

⌬Particle info

Absolutely tiny elementary particles can be at all three states: quarks[6], leptons[7], and bosons[8] (All ATSL). If the particle comes in contact with a force, it collapses into one state among the three. This is because the particles are so tiny that normal, inter-versal wide forces can penetrate the particle, changing the vibration, which causes the particle to have multiple states at once.

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String (ATSL)

⌬Particle info

ATSL strings are WAY more fragile than every single Absolutely tiny elementary particles[9]. They are raveled up in a skinny bundle in order to increase stability, but this does limit the string's vibration somewhat, reducing the number of possible particles. As a result of this, the only ATSL elementary particles are absolutely tiny electrons, up quarks, and down quarks.

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Uqraek fiber (ATSL)

⌬Particle info

ATSL Uqraek fiber is fiber so unfathomably small and unstable that it can not be tracked with any type of technology. Our Universe made entirely of absolutely tiny ATSL Uqraek fiber would almost instantly go into a state of "explosion" due to instability and the number of collisions between objects so small. It is too small to contain actual -verses, unlike the Uqraek fiber.

More about ATSL Uqraek fiber...

Atomic fabric

⌬Particle info

This is the "thing" that makes up ATSLUqraek fiber. As it is so small, it is insanely unstable. Atomic fabrics[10] do not have a naturally forming repulsive barrier. And due to its instability, it will violently explode into countless pieces of itself. Which can corrupt and destroy everything near it, even verses if it came to contact with.

More about Atomic fabric...

Nonexistent particle

⌬Particle info

Information about Nonexistent particles is strictly impossible to know[11]. This is due to Nonexistent particles being strictly impossible to define, as much as its information. Like, how in the world is anything going to be able to represent "Nonexistent particle is a particle that is not a particle is a cloud and not a cloud of property and is strictly definable and undefinable, and it exists and does not exist[12]"? Well... at least... its near regions are pretty interesting as hecc.

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⌬Absolutely Tinier Particles⌬

There are also a few particles even smaller than the ones describable with ATU, HATU, and AHATU. Particles of these sizes are near-building blocks of reality, reaching the lowest level of [13] ordinals. They are lot smaller than Null class (-1) particles of Pre-Hierarchy, since below listed particles are measured in units that cannot :

Particle[14] Size[15] Description
Thingk [16]

۞Particle info

Thingk is the only component for minuscule fabrics. Every fabric of reality[17] can be broken down into one component particle: the Thingk. These specks of dust [18] bind to each other and create every sort of fabric EVERY. Similar to ATSL strings, Thingk produces different fabrics by vibrating and arranging in various combinations.

More about Thingk...


۞Particle info

Mandelsok (or mandelbrotstuffisok) is a container for various anomalies, along with countless tiny particles[19]. It is also one of the most complicated particles. In fact, there are so many particles floating around inside Mandelsok, it almost looks like a normal verse (if one had the ability to look "inside of mandelsok")!

More about Mandelsok...

Periodk Maximum size:Minimum size: The smallest size that is definable in H(-2).

۞Particle info

Periodk seems to create things from chaotic arrangements, although some arrangements create anomalies to the fabric.

Learn more about Periodk on another page.


  1. Well of course there are truly infinite uses for single word such as "atom" if search scale grows to insane scale...
  2. Everything above Uqraek fiber is measured in ATU, and Uqraek fiber and below small objects are measured in HATU. And nonexistent particle is measured in AHATU.
  3. One ATU (Absolutely tiny unit) is Heck diameters
  4. One HATU (Hyper-Absolutely tiny unit) is Heck diameters
  5. One AHATU (Absolute-Hyper-Absolutely tiny unit) is Heck diameters
  6. Up quark, down quark, strange quark, charm quark, bottom quark, top quark... total 6 discovered so far!
  7. Electron family (AKA leptons): electron (so obvious lol), muon, and tauon... muon and tauon are just very fat electrons
  8. Six Four Five horseman of apocalypse universe: Photon (electromagnetic force), W and Z boson (weak nuclear force), gluon (strong nuclear force), higgs boson (probably the most useless boson since it is only the field producing it is doing all actual work and higgs boson is just a lazy product that does nothing), gravitons (probably fake lol)
  9. well this is ATSL strings' creations
  10. unlike most of particles and tiny tiny fibers
  11. How impossible? information about Nonexistent particles cannot be found anywhere you might think there is, including inside The Box, QRverse, and everything that is able to expose any information.
  12. painfully simplified actual description
  13. called beth
  14. Unlike the other ones, size of these particles are described much smaller functions than "ATU", "HATU", and "AHATU".
  15. As expressed below, size of below particles are measured in this equation: , where (negative property size standard) is a size that has maximum negative properties. This concept has its roots at how the size of Zyoron is described.
  16. (reverse hyperdimensions ) is equal to hyperdimension of ordinal. In case where there are multiple layers of function, such as (or ), inner functions generate ordinal, then only outermost works according to original rule.
  17. examples being ATSL uqraek fiber and atomic fabric
  18. strangely, they really act like dusts

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⌬Absolutely Tinier Particles⌬
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