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The Absoverse is a critical point in the hierarchy of everything cosmological.

For the longest time in history, beings unaware of the Absoverse's creation thought it was the largest verse ever, as no matter how many fixed points of verse-nestation were crossed, travelers could seemingly never get out of a certain containing body.

This changed when better technology was discovered and invented, allowing for much, much better transport.

Unlike most large things, every single Absoverse was mechanically made, not naturally, and there are many, many Absoverses. The production of Absoverses is generally a new thing, with every single one made between 7,000 and 6,000 OYC ago. They were made to seperate the factions of described contacted reality, since many were unhappy with how things were being lead in other regions and wanted their own places without other factions impeding. Also, many times full scaled attacks would happen spontaneously without warning, which the Absoverses helped to sort out between enemies.

Further up the Absoverse chain

The Ketabsoverse is a large encasing which contains the main Absoverses.

Located very near its surface is an amount of nested layers, each being the Ketabsoverse itself.

The Ketabsoverse also has no appearance, only being a very elaborate and fractal disturbance of space in an uncountable amount of dimensions.


Contained by: Cuhabsoverse

Contains: Absoverse, This holiday big gig unlimited data plans include select samsung phones with absolute zeroverse

The Cuhabsoverse, similarly to the Katabsoverse, contains more Absoverses, however, the ones it contains are marked as being of less importance than the main ones.

Each Absoverse is located in a specific place which together with all Absoverses creates a pattern that the Cuhabsoverse uses to reflect infinitely nested, but fake, copies of said Absoverses, completely filling out the space inside.


Contained by: Untabsoverse

Contains: Ketabsoverse, Gemverse

The Untabsoverse is a protective layer which contains the Cuhabsoverse. It's geometry is incredibely distorted and irregular, as its shape bares similar properties to the DNA helix.

It is barely larger than the Cuhabsoverse and it doesn't even really contain this verse, and it simply wraps around it, like a verse layer.

However, it does partially infinitesimally contain it on the surface (thanks to its weird geometry), which was good enough to be counted.


Contained by: Zamabsoverse, Moskaudle

Contains: Cuhabsoverse

The Zamabsoverse is a hub for the Cuhabsoverse and other significant, but non-Absoverse civilizations.

The Zamabsoverse is one of the largest known places of life, as well as being the largest officially recognized, known built structure.


Contains: Untabsoverse