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Achroma, also known as the Colorless Ring, is a mysterious ring like intensity that is recently meddling with The Ring Series for an unknown purpose. Being part of The Structure, its Kardashev Scale is unknown, nor is it even clear whether such notion still make sense given the foreign nature of The Structure. It is an outsider and is not part of The Ring Series. 

Currently, there is no intensity being resolved that corresponds to taste nor smell.

Unlike the rings in the Ring Series, it has no Guardian, being of a completely different origin. However, it is clearly part of The Structure and also serve for an unknown purpose. Achroma also have been invisible to any inhabitants of the other rings and other ringverses in general. 

Also unlike the other rings, it is composed of 3 ring structures, all at right angles with respect to each other. One of these has the following alien language inscribed onto it: [[[[]]]] [[ [☐] [○]

Note: 3 Zedohkay were found orbiting Achorma. Purpose unknown. Also its Anderson Coordinates are [0 0 02] in case you are wondering.


23 March 2020: Mysteriously, the structure is glowing in an indescribable transparent hue.

9 June 2020: Three glows of an indescribable type started to appear at the perimeter of one of the rings, as well three other depletions of a weird type in an orthogonal ring. At the center of the ring is something that is invisible, but give a highly disgusting vibe when looked at.

11 November 2020: A strong black purple glow is produced, aiming at one location. After that happened, the structure is powering down in an inactive state.