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The Actual Realm is a Realm of space. It is not so large, compared to the Perpendicularultraverse.

The exterior looks like the Milky way, and the interior look like interstellar space, because of refractions on the surface from its superior verse.

Contrary to its name, the Actual Realm is not an actual Realm. The reason for its name is as follows:

3,002 OYC ago, the Omniversal naming system recieved an entry by the name of QOG(7)-37, with an informal name that isn't writable in English pronounciation. Once the name was heard incorrectly, and the heard name was translated into English, it came out to be "Actual Realm". The name stuck around, and when the mistake was fixed, many people were already using the old name and so the naming split.

The Actual Realm is empty, with exception to the Perpendicularultraverse, which is located on the edge of the Actual Realm, stuck to its surface.