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The Adoqexonverse is not where Adoqexon lives. It is the verse inside the Blue Ring along with Bandiverse.

Adoqexon has never been to this verse but he was the one to discover it. It was done using the Blueringistotallyatrianglelol telescope.

Inside this verse is mostly just letters. Not many phrases have been found, except for a few. They are:

  • what the hecc
  • diverse
  • created it
  • ring

The rest of them just seem to be letter spam, but they always start with "he", and then a few letters, like "heaa".


The Adoqexonverse is divided into two sections, the nose and the line. The nose is full of the letters shown. The line is below the nose, and is full of Hecks. This structure has changed over time slowly.

There are some hands and a face, but they are just for decoration.


The main guardian of this verse is Adoqexon, but there also used to be an antagonist. This one was eventually banned from this verse. His name was Adoqexan.