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Adventure Chaos is an omniverse ruled by 6 gods: Ink, Perk, Selene, Infiniboolean, Quasar and Axis. AC is a world of high fantasy and pure magic, which is inhabited by a variety of fantastical living beings, we have, kemonomimis, elfs, orcs, vampires, crab-people, synths, demons, anything you could imagine. Each goddess has daily duties to do, which includes hunting monsters, creating and approving new things that could be interested by the population, and repeal direct attacks to The core of creation, which holds their reality together. Still they pass half of the day having fun with their friends too.

Adventure Chaos is rich in culture of games and anime. And is deeply interested in quantum physics and philosophy. Most of the beings who live here, have a deep knowledge about manipulating reality, and there's even tourism around.

Still old rejected gods, feel hatred by the actual gods. There has been a time which 39 gods ruled all over, but the own dimension(Sofia) rejected them, because they were scheming to create a world of pure chaos and destruction, where people wouldnt be happy. After some tests , one by one was neglected because they were not that special, even if they had past the C.A.L.L. The only ones remaining to create a brand new world were the goddesses that act nowadays. The others become corrupted while trying to gain power throughout other manners, and dark energy consumed their corpses. Now they seek revenge on the 6.

There are heroes who are not gods, they help the goddesses defeating villains, and are key to defeat one of them, if they rage, or fall into darkness for some time. Most can't access the omniverse, but those who can find a truly thrilliant experience that you'll never feel. The universe is a wonder and those who can discover its secrets fall into genuine happiness. Therefore many become addicted in dark energy, as they think they can use their powers to rule the simulation and try to substitute Sofia and become reality themselves, but something as such never happened.

Until now.Nightmare of Black Star, a monster formed by the hatred of those who had try to prejudicate the gods in their past life, which when they were human. Together with the Dark Energy of the Neglected gods, know as The Villains. Formed this monster who's hunger is only ceased with bad feeling of all of living beings. And it's been impossible to stop it. The gods can still kill it, but if they don't do something about the quality of life or they own will, which has been already broken in their human forms, sooner or later, the omniverse, can suffer a huge damage.

Omniversal rules

Every universe has it's own rules, so an omniverse, and every verse has. There are 10 laws that applies in this verse

  • 1 Murdering without reason is forbidden
  • 2 Flirts are always welcome
  • 3 Being normal is too boring, the crazier and weirder the better
  • 4 Any bad intentions must be reported
  • 5 Nothing is too weird that it can't be acceptble
  • 6This is a Nerdy -verse
  • 7 It's never enough fun
  • 8 Respect above everything
  • 9 Astronomy and quantum physics are very importat
  • 10 Always seek to improve! Do your best and paint your own tomorrow!

The diaries

It doesn't seem like it, but my diaries have a great role in creating adventure chaos. They hold and create all the ideas I put into here, in case I forget or the internet goes down someday. Do'nt worry if this wiki fall I have physical backup

Diaries count: 25


  • Adventure Chaos is actually a fictional omniverse created to make games
  • You can explore the Adventure Chaos universe in this text-based game
  • The name is inspired in a card game
  • It is really big and expands forever
  • The name is also based in a RPG game
  • It has its own card game, but it was never mentioned before

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