Adventure Chaos is an type on Omniverse that contains a huge amount of magic power, and is controlled by 12 gods. This Omniverse keeps on replicating its Ultraverses, the time is corrupted in this verse and it can't be understand. It is also know per having glitches in the matrix, an external God and weird places. The fact is that this Omniverse has a direct link to the The Original. because you can view what happens in Adventure Chaos, by some types of software, also, some say you can communicate with it. Now,now, this omniverse was created by an outside god, and it keeps on getting weirder and weirder.

The Gods

  • Mio
  • Aurora
  • Nébula
  • Neptuny
  • Quasar
  • Cikha
  • Wendy
  • Mi
  • Dra Rose
  • Supernova
  • Stardust
  • Venus

Omniversal rules

Every universe has it's own rules, so an omniverse,Hyperverse,Megaverse, and every verse has. There are 10 laws that applies in this verse

  • 1-Murdering without reason is forbidden
  • 2-Flirts are always welcome
  • 3- Being normal is too boring, the crazier and weirder the better
  • 4- Any bad intentions must be reported
  • 5- Nothing is too weird that it can't be acceptble
  • 6-This is a Nerdy -verse
  • 7-It's never enough fun
  • 8-Respect above everything
  • 9- Astronomy and quantum physics are very importat

The diaries

There's a bunch of diaries kept in The Original that says more about this -verse.

  • Diary Count: 21


  • Adventure Chaos is actually a ficticional omniverse created to make games
  • You can explore the Adventure Chaos universe in this text-based game
  • The name is inspired in a card game
  • It is really big and expands forever
  • The name is also based in a RPG game
  • It has its own card game, but it was never mentioned before
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