After After


After After is the only verse that dosent exist in this time and space. It dosent exist in this timeline because it just will in the future. People think it will exist in the year Finalfinity. (The year where the Infinity Cycle ends.) This is actually very weird and normal at the same time. It’s a normal, stable, verse. Nothing odd bout it. Except it just dosent exist in this time. It looks like a nebula.

The purple pore

The purple core of After After is very hot, about Infinity e+infinity degrees Fahrenheit. It’s purple because even the color blue couldn’t describe how hot is was.

The yellow mantle

The yellow mantle has tons of gold in it. Thats why its very yellow and extremely bright. Brighter than the sun times the highest number of brightness. The gold will never discenegrate. Except after Finalfinity.

The purple surface

The surface isn’t hot at all actually. It’s actually infinite below 0 degrees Celsius. It’s purple because that’s the second coldest color. The coldest color is black.

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