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The Alatarverse is an element verse, which means it has a high number of one element, which is Alatarium, the 27+ith element. However, it doesn't have nearly as much of one element as a Periodicverse. It is also called the Bideltaverse, because it had two Black Holes. However, they don't exist anymore because the collision with the Ferroverse somehow destroyed both of them.

The Alatarverse contains Alatarium planets, normal planets, and normal planets with some alatarium in them. These tend to be bigger, because they are normal planets that collided with Alatarium planets.


The Alatarverse was created 21.7 billion years ago, and instead of a superplanet crashing into it, its Alatarium was created naturally. 8.2 billion years ago, it crashed with Ferroverse, and formed the Palladiumverse.

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