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The Alebo-Ashewan is a divine realm located within the second Realm, used only for religious practices by the Hchezics during worship. It is inhabited by 56 void lords, each of them guarding a different section of the Realm.

The three most well-documented void lords are Jgep, Rathjau and Konrtibn, since they are mentioned most out of all of them in the archived texts spotted materializing from Realm-bridging voids.


The Alebo-Ashewan, before it was a practice realm, was used simply as a home for the void lords. However, the leader of the Hchezics at the time wanted a place to do his practices with the other Hchezics. It took a while to find a good place, because he wanted an empty and quiet home.

It wasn’t until a few years after he and the Hchezics decided to do them here when the void lords found them. The void lords thought they were invading their property, so they decided they were enemies.

The void lords would sometimes clash out at their fellow, the mere presence would cause glitches and tears in the metadimension fairly easily, due to how far away they were from the dynamic center of the Realm.

It wasn’t until a rogue Realm-spasm destroyed Jgep, Rathjau and Konrtibn, that the problems stopped. Upon their “deaths”, all of the void lords were enlightened, the residency became divine and blessed by the kings of the third Realm. Now, multiple worship grounds have been constructed in the near location, even though followers are allowed to communicate their prayers from any location, it is least sinful to conduct prayers in the quasi-churches.

Void Lords

Though copious amounts of texts, scrolls, stories and fictions have been written about the void lords by the void lords themselves, but mainly Hchezics, they are mainly written about the 3 main prophets. However, deities like the Zjanfua, Otknuxi and Sylioq are written about on occasion, often in groups and in bulk. However, the majority is written about rarely, mainly being casually mentioned in monologues and dialogues between protagonists.


Jgep is the most healthy and respected of the Void Lords. He has an attractive pull unlike the other ones which allows easy pickups, but these aren’t used often. When any of the Void Lords need an answer, they will often ask Jgep first due to his indescribably high logic reasoning, reality morphing, memory and overall unmatchable knowledge.

Jgep has spent most of his time as a diety writing songs akin to gregorian chants about the kings of the third Realm. Whilst being the most noble and respected, Jgep choses to spread knowledge about the third Realm kings, as all the other remaining void lords pursue the craft of expanding the religion much more efficiently in such numbers.


Rathjau is the second most respected of the Void Lords, and guards the largest section of the Alebo-Ashewan at about a 6th of it. She also guards the main entrance to it, and she is the best at guarding in the group of Void Lords. She is second in priority.

She is noted for writing mainly poems and odes of, and to, the void lords, with the topics ranging anywhere from routines to adventuring, fighting, to avoiding apocalyptic situations and being stuck in predicaments and overcoming hardships.


Konrtibn is 3rd most useful and respected member of 3 voidly, he operates all the activities behind the scenes, like dealing with roaming meta-souls, helping any void lords and communicating with the Hchezics and any sub-cults. Konrtibn is the void lord that wrote down most of the information texts that we received, although a few were written by Jgep. He has been credited for creating the rituals that the Hchezics conduct even to present day.

Konrtibn is known for writing books of immense length. Novels and epics are most common in his writing habits.

Other Void Lords

While the other void lords’ personalities have remained unknown for thousands of years, the names of eight of the void lords were translated a few hundred years ago. The list of them are:

Zjanfua, Otknuxi, Sylioq, Lggmotu, Jbefinisspinhsa, Setcwec, Hehyub and Primbiklh.


While the Void Lords, in their texts, communicate to us with our own languages, multiple tablets have been written in their own language. The sentences’ grammar or even translation is unknown, but it has revealed some symbols of unknown meaning.

The cover of the 5th Kazctam epic