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Welcome to All Dimensons Wikia! A whole page of the verses in Outer Space!

This wiki is a space for anything that fits vaguely under the heading of dimensions: this includes geometry (high-dimensional shapes, like the tesseract), as well as cosmology (including hypothetical things beyond our universe, like the multiverse, the metaverse, the xenoverse, and the omniverse). Improve an existing page, write your own, or just read what other people have created!

Partner Wikis

  1. Verse and Dimensions - A wiki that is like alldimensions but the cosmology is 100% different and is moderated.
  2. Fandom Fanon - You can create any character, story, game, item, animation, place, etc., everything. Every user, admin, founder, bureaucrat, moderator, bot, rollback, etc. in all wikias, wikipedias, etc. in all over the world, even all languages, will come here and view pages, create articles, etc.
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