If you came here to figure out how to make a decent page, you've come to the right place. This guide will cover how to make a page, and some neat tricks and strategies in order to improve your pages.

There are going to be a few steps to this, so be warned.

Step 0a: Brainstorming

Before even thinking about starting a new article, you should think "What should my article be about?" To avoid your page idea being generic, low-quality, bad, etc. answer the following questions:

  • Is this idea oddly specific?
  • Is this idea centered around something overdone (i.e. articles about objects resembling IRL objects)?
  • Is this idea unoriginal or similar to another existing article's idea?
  • Would this idea be hard to expand upon?

If any of the answers to those questions are "yes", then you should probably either reject the idea or modify the idea to make sure all of the answers to those questions are "no".

If you are having trouble thinking of ideas, then look at other articles and see what ideas they have. You can take bits from the ideas you get and merge them, then modify them enough for them to be original, but don't just "copy 'n paste" ideas or have excessively similar ideas.

Step 0b: Thinking of content to put in your article

Alright. Now you have a central idea that your article revolves around, it is time to populate it with ideas! I would suggest using a notepad to organize these, but you can use any format you want. Some things to think about are:

  • Are these new ideas on-topic with the central idea?
  • Are these new ideas in a unique format and have unique presentation?
  • Are these new ideas original?

A good sub-idea of an article would follow those criteria.

Also, here are some common misconceptions about articles:

  • My article is the best article ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111 I made it 1 terabyte long and non-spammy!
    • Although that is somewhat impressive, it isn't what we are looking for. We are looking for quality (kind of like a well-designed shorter tower), not quantity (kind of like a huge dirt tower).
  • This wiki is a clone of V&D (or some other reason), so I can put whatever crap I want here!
    • You can't just spam random pages with no effort into them. You need to at least put some effort, but we aren't super serious (unlike V&D) so you don't need to make your pages super perfect.
  • I thought about an entity, but should I make how it is contained? Or do I make some abnormal things for fun?
    • This wiki is not about abnormal things and entity containment, as it is not related to SCP at all. Anything related to SCP will be deleted or improvised to be more original.

Step 1: Rough draft

You have central ideas and a ton ideas revolving around it now, so it is time to make a rough draft of your article. You can use user namespaces (User:[USERNAME]/[YOUR PAGE NAME HERE]) and move it out later, or you can use Google Docs (though this is not recommended due to a lack of wikitext support).

Pages typically have a infobox (the most commonly used one is Template:Verse) with an image inside and some details. To accompany that, they also typically have a decent amount of paragraphs and headers (or sub-headers if you are really fancy).

This guide assumes you know how Wikia's MediaWiki works. If not, then check out w:Help:Fandom Basics.

Also, make sure to make your pages neat and easily accessible. Don't cram in too many unrelated concepts into one page.

Step 2: Revising

Your article is now close to being done; you just have to put finishing touches. Look over the article a few times, and fix the following issues:

  • Vague, confusing, or repetitive terminology
  • Grammar issues
  • Lack of images or low quality images
  • Logical inconsistencies (Remember that you have to obey some logic here, not just make everything a nonsense babble. We aren't Beyond Universe.)
  • Uninteresting, confusing, or repetitive information
  • Formatting issues
  • Untidiness
  • Lack of categories, too many categories, overly specific categories, or irrelevant categories

Once you are confident that you have fixed all issues in your article, it is time to publish!

If the issues are major enough that they can't be fixed, you should probably redo step 1. If the ideas of the article are the issue, it is suggested you start all over from step 0a.

Step 3: Publishing

In order to publish your article, simply move it. While moving it, change the namespace to (Main), and get rid of the "User:[YOUR USERNAME]/" part. It won't show up in Recent Changes unless you make another edit on it.

Now that you've made your page, share it with your friends and/or the All Dimensions Discord! If you want to make more pages, follow the next step.

Step 4: Making more articles!

Since we would get off topic if we also taught you how to make more articles in this guide, you will have to go to a new guide.

For information on how to make your next articles, check out All Dimensions Wiki:Making More Articles.

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