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Welcome to the All Dimensions wiki! This wiki is a space for anything that fits vaguely under the heading of dimensions: this includes geometry, cosmologies, cosmic entities and more! Improve an existing page, write your own, or just read what other people have created!
Before you edit, read [[ADWiki:Guidelines|the rules]]. They are very important to new users, disregarding them even after being warned can result in page deletion or a ban.
== '''Partner Wikis''' ==
* [ Verse and Dimensions] - A very different wiki in terms of the cosmological model and quality standards. Very closely moderated.
* [ Beyond Universe] - A wiki with many different verses, it is much more lenient and less moderated.
* [ Ultimas Cosmology] - Another cosmology wiki that focuses on dimensions. It has few pages and could use some help!
== '''Discord''' ==
Enter our discord server [ here] to contact and chat with us. The top users are here frequently!

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All dimensions Wiki is a extremely crap page. So crappy, that it needs to be deleted.
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