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Welcome to the All Dimensions wiki! This wiki is a space for fictional and recreational cosmology, cosmic entities, phenomena and anything beyond our Universe (also includes our Universe's cosmology)! Improve an existing page, write your own, or just read what other people have created!

Any and all user activity (which does not break TOS) is encouraged! Your creativity will be recognized and any questions will be answered.

Note: This wiki is not meant to provide real, actual information about the universe and such. Do not treat this wiki as Wikipedia, this is a fictional cosmology wiki.

Before you edit, read the rules. They are very important to new users, disregarding them even after being warned can result in a ban!


For new users: It is recommended that you read the first Archverses (Universe - Multiverse - Metaverse - Xenoverse - Hyperverse) to get a sense of what this wiki is about, then: EUSI (< optional), OYC, Existence RankOmniverse, The Box + Finality Index and Physical Realm for some commonly used concepts (exception to Finality Index). It is also recommended that the reader has some experience with transfinite numbers, as they will be met with many uses of them, commonly in sizes.

From this, one may click through pages linked in the Archverses, or look through the "popular pages" and "user articles" dropdowns located on the top of the screen. The long pages has articles with considerable amounts of effort in them, but effort does not correlate to quality. TOH has the longest chain, beginning from the Universe and up, but most of it is very lazily done.

This wiki also has many cosmic entites, gods and dieties. A comprehensive list of the strongest can be found here: The Official Cosmic Entity Hierarchy. However similarly to TOH, most of the entities in said hierarchy are lazily done, but to a greater extent.


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