What is a dimension?

I've seen people talk about 1D objects, 2D objects and so on. They must be talking about how points connect. Like a line connects 2 points , a square connects 4 points , a cube connects 8 points and so on and they should talk about the faces and edges. So a dimension is how points connect. Further more, we live in a 3D Universe in a 4D Multiverse in a 5D Metaverse in a 6D Xenoverse in a 7D Hyperverse in an 8D Omniverse , Back to shapes, we can only see in 3D, Earth by the way is 3D too, but there was a time where we didn't know the Earth was round. They said you can walk from one end of the Earth to another end of theEarth . A sheet of paper for example is 3D because it's made of atoms . A sheet of paper is also 3D because it has a little bit of height. Apoint for example is nothing because it's 0D. Everything we can see or everything we can feel is 3D. Even a small neutron is 3D. So if the other dimensions exist, why is that we can only see in 3D? Well, we're born in a Universe. If we were born in outside of a Universe, we'll see in 4D. So where you are born is depends on your known dimension, that's why! So if you see someone talks about 4D objects, say "Where you're born depends on your known dimension .". 00:57, January 20, 2015 (UTC)

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