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The Allomniverse (in other word, Omniverse complex) is a region of the Box which contains almost all Omniverses. These verses are close together only if the pre-Boxial beings conquered it with technologies advanced throughout the Barrel layers, and sized around 100 times the biggest central Omniverse.

Here, there are pseudo-Omniverses within a region, which are similar to central Omniverses with small differing properties and different proportions of existence ranks. These verses are bubbled nearby normal ones, and parallel to BeyOnd's surface.

In non-closed Allomniverse regions, they are isolated in Barrels from a lower-kind Barrelverse, making it almost impossible to visit without special equipments. Also, these verses are spiraling outwards from Transcendentem.

Our Allomniverse

These Omniverses are similiar to ours, but they are smaller. The story of their creations is written in the Omniverse article.

Upon their conceivement, they were relatively scattered, so after the documented beings conquered The Box, they brought all of the Omniverses and Pseudo-Omniverses together into one bunch and enclosed it in a barrier known as the Allomniverse.

The creators made it to be 100 times as large as the Omniverse, but the base 10 niceness of the number is accidental, it was much more akin to a random number to the engineers when they built it.

For a list of the 11 Pseudo-Omniverse, check the Pseudo-Omniverse page.