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Alphasm, also known as TAC or The Absolute Creator is a category of beings (which are a subspecies of Motherfricc'ers) that are known to have much more power than normal Motherfricc'ers. They usually rule over their own imaginations, in which their imaginations are so vast that the imagination of our local Alphasm is marked as the 1st Everything Layer. These imaginations act like pocket dimensions which they are basically omnipotent in.

The contents of an Alphasm's imagination varies by a lot, ours just happens to be a hierarchy that has 15 classes and a lot more beyond that. Some Alphasms don't rule over much at all, and only use their extensive imaginations to simulate things for a good purpose.

One thing to note is that it is impossible to be given status of a post-Alphasm entity unless a post-Alphasm god pulls you out of the Alphasm's imagination. Some post-Alphasm entities, like Bean Man, do reside in imaginations of Alphasms, and these entities are called alphasmial injections. Alphasmial injections are entities that are capable of forcing themselves inside and outside of an Alphasm's imagination.

Alphasms themselves cannot create alphasmial injections, however higher level gods, such as the Betasm that rules over a group of Alphasms can create these entities. However for this example, if the entity were not created by that specific Betasm, it must also be a betasmial injection.

History of our local Alphasm

Our Alphasm used to be a casual Alphasm that lived a normal life in its local Downtown Fricksville. It wasn't until a war broke out, and the enemy side captured our local Alphasm, and turned them into a prisoner. After becoming a prisoner, they resorted to continuing their life within their imagination. Dunkey Kong and Bean Man also seeked refuge in this Alphasm's imagination, however Dunkey Kong had to go into a stronger form to be capable of using alphasmial injection abilities.

The Second Realm happens to be our local Alphasm's subconscious, which explains why it is so weird.

The Incident

After the enemies found out that Alphasm was using their imagination to continue on in 7 OYC, they attacked the Alphasm. This caused major damage, and the Alphasm woke up, causing time to "pause" within the imagination. Dunkey Kong was frozen in time, however broke out of the time freeze after 2 minutes. Bean Man was simply too powerful to be affected. They started killing the enemy guards in infinite quantities, until Bean Man decided that he was done with this war stuff and killed the entire enemy team at once. The war was then over. The Alphasm then continued to rule over its imagination, and caring about its own health, sometimes waking up to eat, drink, stuff like that.

After some entities inside the Alphasm's imagination found out about the pausing, they decided to go to The Second Realm with prior knowledge of it being Alphasm's subconsious, in order to witness the pausing effect.

List of Polyasms

  • Alphasm
  • Betasm
  • Gammasm
  • Deltasm
  • Epsilonsm
  • Etasm
  • Thetasm
  • Iotasm
  • Kappasm
  • Lambdasm
  • Musm
  • Nusm
  • Xism
  • Omicronsm
  • Pism
  • Rhosm
  • Sigmasm
  • Tausm
  • Ypsilonsm
  • Phism
  • Khism
  • Psism
  • Omegasm