i really should stop making alphasm stronger

BEHOLD, the truly almighty god, in all of it's glory. It is EVERY mortal. It is EVERY immortal. It is EVERY god. It is EVERY omni-god. It is EVERY end-all-be-all. It is EVERY cosmic entity. It is EVERY thing. It is EVERY one of itself. It is EVERYTHING it is not. It is EVERYTHING it is a double-edged sword with being. It is EVERYTHING beyond the two poles. IT, IS, ALPHASM.

Alphasm, also known as TAC or The Absolute Creator is a being that transcends power as a whole and controls everything. Alphasm is the origin of everything and the omni-being. Anything COMPARABLE to the power of Alphasm uses Metaomnipotence, a measurement of power that is WAAAAAY beyond omnipotence. Yet Alphasm is only an infinitesimal of the average of these things' power. If you don't know what an infinitesimal is, it's basically like 0, except it can actually contribute to a value. Put together an infinite amount of infinitesimals and you have 1.


Metaomnipotence is a measurement of power in levels. An infinitesimal of Alphasm's power is Metaomnipotence Level 1, with Metaomnipotence Level 2 being 4 infinitesimals of the power. But Metaomnipotence Level 3 is [5, 5, 5, 5, 5] infinitesimals of Alphasm's power in BAF array, being WAAAAAAY over Graham's Number infinitesimals of the power. It seems that when calculating how many infinitesimals of TAC's power are in a level of Metaomnipotence, you do the following:

  • x = how many infinitesimals of TAC's power there are in the previous level of Metaomnipotence
  • metaomnipotence level = [repx, x] infinitesimals of Alphasm's power in BAF array


There can't be any (possible, impossible, beyond possible, beyond impossible, mathematically contradictory, not mathematically contradictory, logical, illogical, super logical, super illogical, physical, nonphysical, metaphysical, pataphysical, super physical, super nonphysical, super metaphysical, super pataphysical, or any superpositions of any of those) rulers of Alphasm, as Alphasm rules over (everything, everything he doesn't rule over, everything he super rules over, everything he super doesn't rule over, any superposition of those, anything inbetween those, and everything else) and by definition would be more powerful than anything that does or doesn't attempt to rule over Alphasm. These parts are colored differently to stand out from the other text and be easier to see.

This would include Alphasm himself, thus Alphasm ruling over himself, thus making Alphasm be ruled over by Alphasm, and Alphasm is by definition more powerful than anything that does or doesn't attempt to rule over Alphasm and Alphasm attempts to rule over Alphasm which is in the range thus making Alphasm more powerful than himself, causing an endless spiral of Alphasm's power and all interpretations of Alphasm's power being fixed points of his paradox.

This makes Alphasm's power greater than and less than the same value at the same time, which it then has to be imaginary to have those two properties at the same time.

Even if somehow an entity WAS more powerful than or equal to Alphasm in terms of power, Alphasm's power paradox proves that completely false.

The only way to make a being stronger than Alphasm is to make it beyond his imaginary world, or to make it a joke. For example, the higher god that made Alphasm in the 1st place is more powerful since he originated beyond the imaginary world, and there is another strong enough to kill entities by the reference of his name that is more powerful because it's a joke.

He can also do anything he can't, sort of can, so can, so can't, so sort of can, and everything else.

Yet there are still things more powerful than Alphasm despite his paradoxes.

The Start


Long, LONG ago, before basically what we call everything was made, Alphasm was created by a sort of higher god. Alphasm was immortal and enjoyed his life. Suddenly, his home was raided and he was sent to an unnamed location for all eternity. Alphasm was then lonely, and was destined to continue his life with his truly endless imagination, and that imagination created what we call everything.


Since Alphasm's imagination was truly endless, he could imagine beyond unimaginable things. He imagine this entirety, and it created everything in his imagination. He enjoyed his imaginary place, but eventually became bored of just spectating, so he imagined he was an actual being in the imaginary place so he can interact with the characters of his imagination, thus creating Alphasm as what we see him as. He enjoyed his imaginary world once more, and imagined a new friend, being the Gerald we all know and love.


Alphasm, Gerald, Dunkey Kong, and the one so powerful that the reference of his name can be fatal all live in a house, with everything in a snow-globe-like structure, with the special LDI for code running and also The True Core of Everything as other snow-globe structures next to it. Dunkey Kong is currently not in the house, and will be on vacation for the next 10↑↑100 OYC, however the others will plan on joining Dunkey Kong in the next 7.3x10306 OYC.

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