Alphasm, also known as TAC or The Absolute Creator is a category of beings (which are a subspecies of Motherfricc'ers). They are also an omni-being.

The Start


Long, LONG ago, before basically what we call everything was made, Alphasms were created by a sort of higher god. Alphasm was immortal and enjoyed his life. Suddenly, his home was raided and he was sent to an unnamed location for all eternity. Alphasm was then lonely, and was destined to continue his life with his truly endless imagination, and that imagination created what we call everything.


Since Alphasm's imagination was truly endless, he could imagine beyond unimaginable things. He imagined this entirety, and it created everything in his imagination. He enjoyed his imaginary place, but eventually became bored of just spectating, so he imagined he was an actual being in the imaginary place so he can interact with the characters of his imagination, thus creating Alphasm as what we see him as. He enjoyed his imaginary world once more, and imagined a new friend, being the Gerald we all know and love. After which, the higher deity from Before what we call everything created other Alphasms among the Motherfricc'ers. Only one in our Downtown Fricksville has made a Gerald, though.


The first Alphasm, Gerald and Dunkey Kong all live in a house, with everything in a snow-globe-like structure, with the special LDI for code running and also The True Core of Everything as other snow-globe structures next to it. Dunkey Kong is currently not in the house, and will be on vacation for the next 10↑↑100 OYC, however the others will plan on joining Dunkey Kong in the next 7.3x10306 OYC.

List of Current Alphasms

  • Alphasm
  • Betasm
  • Gammasm
  • Deltasm
  • Epsilonsm
  • Etasm
  • Thetasm
  • Iotasm
  • Kappasm
  • Lambdas
  • Musm
  • Nusm
  • Xism
  • Omicronsm
  • Pism
  • Rhosm
  • Sigmasm
  • Tausm
  • Ypsilonsm
  • Phism
  • Khism
  • Psism
  • Omegasm
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