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Altahsuperverse is where Albert Lightstein theories don't work; it contains around a little more than ω1ω1 to a little more than ω1ω1ω1 unirealities. This means that the traditional FGH-like hierarchy methods of mapping series of series of properties down to series of series of values, then to series of ordinals which get mapped back to series of numbers and then back to series of properties, which were thought to be usable on every superverse fail to work. This is due to FGH-like mappings converting said series of ordinals to series of numbers in order to ensure "realistic" conversion. Instead, the series of ordinals generated are collapsed down before being mapped to series of numbers. Due to a new step being introduced in this system, properties are different from previous Superverses.

Observations when Mapped to Unireality

Each little green orb here is a different layering of fixed points in the Veblen Hierarchy, and the central green square is the fixed point of all of these fixed points.

Traversing through these green orbs is hard for most beings due to actually experiencing the "source" version of this verse, and the fact that going from a factor of 1 to ω1 is hard for most entities. However, thanks to large structure-duplicating and compacting machines, a being can project their position from unireality to this verse, allowing ease of movement.

Unfortunately, the green orbs get collapsed in a way that breaks their structure in such a way that makes them "a glitchy mess". However, if viewed without any ordinal collapsing, then they actually appear to contain a magma bath of Kolmnasuperverses, and a few portals at the center that allow easy jumping to directly related higher and lower fundamental sequences, but don't allow easy access to the outside of the orb. 5 portals in the "higher" direction and the 5 portals in the "lower" direction are chosen usually, but in some cases, 9 or 11 total portals have appeared instead of 10. Why this happens is unknown; scientists are working to observe this mystery.

However, due to the "FGH-like fundamental sequences" not supporting uncountable ordinals, the portals are glitchy, and have have a 20% chance of leading to an unexpected fundamental sequence, and a 4% chance of erasing an entity.

However, this verse seems to be too big for logic to correctly transmit from time and space onto space, so the glitchiness isn't a 100% chance. This also means that random orbs get erased every 0.00001 planck times, deleting their contents and sending them in a compressed format to the edge of a strange pentagon-shaped place.

More About the Orbs

The orbs aren't just a soup and a few portals here and there. They usually host 1-1,000 planets rich in various resources, including Glitchconcite. These planets have been constantly mined by civilizations without realizing that they are harming the Kolmnasuperverses within, and inadvertently erasing them.  This erasure happens because the planets actually contain important data about the Kolmnasuperverses, kind of like a mini The Core of Everything. Stronger civilizations have learned to apply radioactive fission and fusion onto the planets in order to change their data, causing the  Kolmansuperverses to be changed into desirable things, such as "mines" of vast amounts of resources.

Every 1,000,000 orbs, a star forms. These stars radiate energy to various fundamental sequences above and below them. Civilizations have tried to escape the orbs by shipping hydrogen and helium into/out of the stars, but as soon as they are exposed to the blue voids outside of the orbs, they immediately die due to the blue voids being an undefined mess. However, some civilizations that are masters at converting Unireality to Superreality and vice versa find it easy to map their properties in a way that they can go into the blue voids without dying, making their voyages successful.

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