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The Alteriaverse is a Universe where the only thing in it is Alterium.

The Alteriaverse has is blue in color from the outside, as the light shines through it just enough to be visible.

Physics in this verse are through sheer coincidence, very similiar to ours and thus allow for the formation of stars, moons, planets and some others, but in this verse, stars don't undergo supernovae. Instead, proton decay happens, and mass conservation doesn't exist, so as old stuff fizzles out into photons and energy, new matter is created.

The Alteriaverse is the only verse located inside of the Otherverse, but also has no life, and for the better, as it would be incredibely disheartening and disappointing to find an infinite expanse of absolutely nothing outside of your Universe, after thousands of years of scientific progress to get there. It is then just better to have no lifeforms on there in the first place.

And so; the Alteriaverse is incapable of constructing even basic lifeforms. The laws are just not well-made to create these complex lifethings.

The Alteriaverse is existence-(-1), and while it should be theoretically destroyed by the colliding existence-(-2) icosahedra that overpopulate the Otherverse, it is infact too small to have its own sub-nonexistence icosahedron, and even if it did, according to the Naux-Likimm equations, it would be 14 meters in size, which is too small to be squished, but instead, small enough to have som space to itself.

This verse is a great example of how nature always finds a way to populate its infinitude of nothingness.