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The Alternate Omnipyramid is the only known structure in the Second Realm. Nothing is known about any other Verse or cosmic structure there. All interpretations of it have been in the form of a Sierpiński Triangle, though this is not its true shape. It is composed of four layers: The shield, the crust, the body, and the core.

The Shield

The shield is a massive net encompassing the Alternate Omnipyramid. Anything that touches it without proper protection will be instantly vaporized. All Second Realm natives have evolved this protection.

The Crust

The Crust of the Alternate Omnipyramid is composed of hard and sharp rocks built together in a very odd shape. The material this is made of is unknown.

The Body

The Body of the Alternate Omnipyramid is made most of a weird fleshy, blue or black substance that is similar to jello in terms of matter state.

The Core

Most nothing is known about the Alternate Omnipyramid’s core, other than that it is the home of The Ealer and has a few trees made of the same rocks as the Crust.

Strange Properties

The Alternate Omnipyramid seems to exist, but also... not exist. It is as though the structure is there but is cloaked in shadow. Does this make it void? If it contains something in the form of PURE VOID. but does not exist does that make it void? If it does truly exist, how? And how can The Ealer live in a structure that does not truly exist?