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Altverses are special verses that can be manipulated and turned into a specific type of verse, such as a Universe, Multiverse, or any other type of verse. Altverses can be considered the default verse, due to almost every verse in the hierarchy being made from an Altverse. Altverses exist in all dimensions so that all creatures can interact and manipulate it.


Altverses, in their default state, are just a blank "void" 10 LY across.

The Substance

Altverses are composed of a special see-through, transparent substance known as that can be easily manipulated and changed into any substance, type of energy, or thing no matter if they are real or not. This substance is composed of special Blueprint Particles which link together to create different things.


Altverses are usually imagined and created by Alphasm, as he uses these verses to construct The Official Hierarchy and his entire imaginary world. Dunkey Kong has used Altverses before as well.